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Program Description

This program is geared towards the student who is ready to hone their ballet skills and prioritize their dance education.  It is a time intensive program and is suitable for dancers ages 10-13.  allongé consists of a four day per week schedule with a total of 10.5  technique training hours/week; as well as an additional 3 hrs of mandatory rehearsal hours during rehearsal periods (7-8 weeks prior to performances). Technique classes are ballet, pointé/pre-pointé, modern and contemporary training to match the current trends in the professional dance world with an emphasis on strong foundational ballet technique. 


This level will be capped at 10 dancers/year, enrollment by audition only.  

Classes and Performances 

Consistency in training is of the utmost importance.  It allows a dancer to obtain proper muscle development and growth, and to build a strong community within the group, because of this regular absences will not be tolerated.  All allongé students are required to attend all scheduled weekly level classes and rehearsals for Nutcracker and the end of the year showcase unless ill or due to other uncontrollable circumstances. 


Bi-Annual Parent Meetings

Parents and students will be expected to meet with the school director and/or their primary teacher twice in the school year.  Once in January before the start of the new semester and once after the dance year has ended in June.  (sign up for meetings will be announced prior to meeting periods) These meetings will be a time to discuss goals, progress, and level placement for the coming semester.  This is an extremely important time to be open, honest and candid about where everyone is at in order to minimize frustration and allow all to be working forward with the same ideals and intentions.


Dress Code

Well traditionally ballet based programs have strict dress code policies, at développé we feel strongly that a dancer who feels like they look their best will dance their best.  Thus for ballet classes dancers are to wear leotards and tights (for dancers identifying as female) or fitted t-shirts and tights (for dancers identifying as male) that make them feel that way.  Tights and shoes need to be of a matching tone to allow for a clean seamless line but can be whatever tone the dancer feels matches their skin and or who they are as a dancer best.  Hair should be neatly pulled back and secure and all clothing should be neat, tidy and well fitting to allow teachers to see how their muscles are working.  Any jewelry that inhibits movement and/or is distracting for the teacher or dancer should not be worn.  For modern classes the same standards should be applied to active wear and cotton socks.  

All dancers will be required to have the following items which on occasion will be requested to be worn for us to look uniform for photoshoots and/or performances.


For dancers identifying as female:

  • Romantic practice tutu 


For dancers identifying as male:


  • Black Tights


Annual tuition for allongé - $6660, can be paid by semester or monthly

Costume fee for Nutcracker and end-of-the-year showcase - $400

Registration Fee - $50

To secure your dancer's place in the program, a deposit of $400 is required 3 months prior to class start date. 

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