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Nobody teaches ballet like Meredith Wells. 


As I got more serious about dance, I became increasingly disappointed in the classes and teaching styles available to me. I tried all the different studios, but I just couldn't get my body to understand what I wanted it to do. Once, Meredith subbed for a different teacher at an open class, and after about five minutes of barre I was shocked. What she said actually made sense to me. My body felt better and looked better instantly.  


If you think you understand how to use your muscles for ballet, Meredith will thoroughly prove you wrong. And if you feel confused about using your muscles for ballet, as I did, she will clarify the solution down to the bare bones, literally. 

~ Miranda K. former student


Meredith was far and away the best ballet teacher I ever had. She excels at explaining the fundamentals of good technique and helping her students understand how to apply this to their own bodies. She makes ballet approachable with her fun and engaging teaching style. Her classes require hard work, but with the ultimate reward of becoming a better dancer. Everything she taught me has stuck with me over the years. By helping me understand the mechanics and artistry of ballet, she not only made me a better dancer, but helped me understand how best to teach my students. If I was a good teacher, it was because of the lessons she taught me.

~ Katherine R. former student


Meredith has always gone above and beyond her call of duty as a dance teacher. Not only is she a brilliant instructor, making classes fun, informative, and challenging, but she never hesitates to go the extra mile (or 20) for her students outside the studio. She prioritizes dancers' physical and mental well-being and empowers them to have agency over their bodies and dance journeys. Leading by example, Meredith encourages a deep love and appreciation of dance regardless of differences in experience, talent, or goals. The connections she creates with dancers and their families are authentic and often lifelong. I have never loved dancing more than when I was her student. She is profoundly generous with her support, wisdom, and sense of humor; and I am thankful every day that I was lucky enough to have her as a teacher, mentor, and role model as a young woman.

~ Claire D. former student


Meredith is the rare teacher who understands that every student learns differently. She tirelessly finds a way to reach every student.


If a student does not learn a concept through listening or watching, Meredith will find another way to reach them.  For example, my daughter was able to learn the correct way to point her feet thanks to Meredith pressing her finger on the right part of my daughter's foot. 


Meredith did not give up on my daughter, nor did she simply repeat the same words over and over. Instead she watched my daughter and thought about the best way to reach her.  She believed that my daughter could point her feet and took it upon herself to make it happen. 


She made a huge difference in our lives.  


She imparts her knowledge of dance to her students with a level of commitment and with an agility unlike any I have ever seen.  She becomes their tireless champion. 


She is by far one of the best, most gifted teachers that I have ever known. 

 ~ Tia C. parent of former student


Meredith is kind, compassionate, demanding in a good way, direct, caring, not afraid to correct, and she pushes you, so you can do your best.

~ Ellian D. former student


You are hands down the best teacher Ellian had, not only in her extra-curricular activities but overall, You're demanding a lot from the kids, but provide all the guidance and support to help them achieve it. 

You see each student as an individual with their own strength and quirks, and you foster their specific development, while gently guiding the group dynamics to create an amazing atmosphere of support, caring, and encouragement among the girls.

Your level of professionalism is astounding - as a dancer, as a choreographer, as a teacher who knows far more than I would ever expect about physiology, and has a gift for producing precise and inspiring performances, making the kids feel part of something greater than themselves.

But probably the most valuable gift you gave my daughter is the way you taught the girls to treat mistakes and failures. You taught her that mistakes are OK, they don't reflect on her worth. She doesn't get hurt or discouraged - she calmly works to improve. 

I can't think of a way equipping her better for life.

~ Marina D. parent of former student

Meredith was an amazing teacher. I learned so much during my five years of training with her. She has the best analogies to understand your body and gives amazing corrections that have really helped me and that I still use today. Meredith pushes and encourages her students to do their absolute best and deeply cares about them as people as well. Any dancer is lucky to receive training from her.

~ LeAnne H. former student

Meredith creates strong, healthy ballerinas, carefully considering both physical and mental health in her training. She is especially gifted at helping each dancer understand exactly which intrinsic muscles to engage to execute correct technique for their own body. Her teaching is very specific to each dancer. My daughter’s technique and strength has improved considerably in the years that she has trained with Meredith, and she now has a strong understanding of how to self-correct.

~ Whitney A. parent of current student


My daughter came to Meredith later in her ballet career.  Meredith took her back to the foundations of ballet and, within months, my daughter saw great improvement in her more advanced skills.  She was finally able to do things that she had been working on for years.

Meredith is a complete dance teacher package.  She excels at teaching technique and artistry; she is a talented choreographer; she works magic with her choice of music; and, she is creative with her set design and costuming.  My daughter is fortunate to witness Meredith's single-handed coordination of all aspects of a performance, learning firsthand what goes into creating and staging a production.

Meredith somehow finds the time to support each dancer not only as a dancer, but also as a person.  She takes the time to get to know each dancer as an individual, and supports each students' development in a personalized way.

Meredith brings high expectations, commitment, creativity, fun, and affection to all of her classes.  You cannot find a better role model for going above and beyond, for attention to detail, for creativity, caring and commitment.  And did I mention she has high expectations?

I love that my daughter has been witness to Meredith's incredible ability to think outside the box, her resilience in the face of adversity, and her seemingly endless supply of energy.  She has benefited from Meredith's presence in her life not only as a dancer, but also as a person and citizen.

~ Holly T. parent of current student

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